August 2019

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The General Catalog is one of the General World services. It is a collection of files with the detailed descriptions. We think that as the number of files in our database grows it is necessary to supplement the search capabilities with such a comfy service.

The main point of the General Catalog is that every user of the General World who submits a download link to us can also add a detailed description for it which may include file name, size, description of the content, some images, e.g. covers and screenshots, etc.

To our surprise the catalog became very popular in just a few days and now there are more than 835.579 articles in it. The GC is taking the best from the both worlds: file hosting websites and the websites like Wikipedia or Imdb. Now you don't have to surf all that sites to decide what would you like to watch, read or listen to, and then to google this to find the working download links. The GC allows you to simply enter your keywords, read the accompanying detailed description and start downloading the files right away.

Being an integral part of the General World, the GC shares the same common authorization system as the rest of the family. And the same G-points encouragement system as well. You earn the G-points for every added article, which can be done very easily. Actually even an account is not required to do this.

Other users will show their gratitude by the, button, and you will earn reputation in the General World for every good report. In addition, the articles are rated by the popularity with the help of stars

All new articles bypass the pre-moderation process so if you found an article of poor quality, please give it an appropriate bad rating. Our moderators will correct it or remove this material. If you want to contact the author of the review or say something to the public about this article, you can leave your comment under the article. Sometimes good useful comments attract more attention and thanks than the article itself.

So, dear General World users, we invite you to appraise the convenience and usability of the General Catalog. Join the ranks of the smart, who have chosen the General Catalog as their favorite way to browse the structured files uploaded to the Web. Search, download and review the files! Earn the bonuses and spend them for even more effective search. Thank you for staying with us!

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